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Blog Tours

  • Every tour is different. Generally, each tour runs around 1-2 weeks. I try to accommodate each tour based on the author's or publisher's needs.
  • Media kits will be sent out about two weeks before the tour. Please allow time when booking tours. Between the time the book comes out etc. Please try to book tours around a month or more in advance. That way, I can schedule tour hosts and create HTML etc for the tour. The more information you provide me the better as an author or publisher.
  • Our starter tour has seven stops and goes up from there.
  • Tour hosts, please post on your designated day that you signed up for. Otherwise, you will earn a strike and it will affect you participating in future events.
  • There will be cross-promotions on all social media when you sign up for a tour.
  • Each tour will consist of reviews, interviews, promotional posts, excerpts, and more.
  • We prefer to host giveaways too along with our tours. This draws in more reader traffic.
  • We also prefer physical review copies over Ebooks. However, we do not mind sending out eARCS for review. Please provide review copies at least two weeks prior to your scheduled tour date. Otherwise, your tour will be pushed back in time.
  • Review posts of only three stars or above will be posted. If a tour host didn't like the book a promotional post will be posted instead or an excerpt. 

Cover Reveals

  • Takes place on one day only
  • There isn't a max of people that can participate. Anyone who signs up participates.
  • Media Kits will be sent out around a week before the cover reveal to all tour hosts who sign up. 
  • Having a giveaway with the cover reveal helps draw more traffic to the post.

Book blitzes

  • Usually around a week
  • There isn't a max of people that can participate. Anyone who signs up participates.
  • Giveaways are preferred with the book blitz
  • Media Kits will be sent out around one week before to designated tour hosts who sign up. 
  • Please allow time for me to schedule designated blogs for the blitzes.
  • If your post isn’t up on your scheduled day I’ll send you a reminder e-mail the next day.
  • Excerpts can be shared. Promotional items about your book etc.
  • Open to anything that will gain traffic to your book.
  • I promote on all social media.

Bookstagram blitzes and tours

  • Promotion of your book on Instagram and insta stories. 
  • Your book will be posted on my personal Instagram and insta story.
  • Have a duration of 1 – 7 days
  • Please provide info you would like tour hosts to post as their descriptions hashtags etc.
  • Everyone who signs-up for these blitzes will receive a review copy of the book. Please have physical copies to give out this makes for better pictures. You are encouraged to make a #bookstagram picture of the book! 
  • Hosts will be encouraged also to read and review the book when it's just a blitz. Otherwise, on tours, there will be reviews too.
  • Having giveaways associated with the blitz will also help drive traffic to the posts.

What to expect with all events:
All tours will get vast amounts of social media exposure. Not only from me but from all tour hosts. I always am prompt when replying to your emails. I provide media kits to my tour hosts. I want to share my love of books with the world. 

All tours can be past or pre-release tours. If you want more exposure for your book than you have come to the right place. I recommend physical ARCS over eARCS. I ask that you book with me in advance. All ARCS need to be sent out in advance to tour hosts too. Our bloggers need access to your book. I work with both physical and digital copies. You will need to provide either Netgalley or Edelweiss with our host's emails that I send you to distribute digital copies. PDF forms can be sent also. The more time you provide hosts and me the better! Please, allow at least a month before expected tour dates if possible. You need to provide me with a review copy. If failed to send out review copies two weeks prior to a tour your tour will be pushed back in time.

There will be no negative reviews posted. Nothing below 3 stars. Instead, if a host is below a 3-star review they will post an excerpt or promotional post on their blog or Instagram. They can post their reviews outside of the tour though.

Giveaways are not necessary but they are HIGHLY recommended. This drives more viewers to read blog posts. Please keep this in mind. My blog is not responsible for the giveaway. Please, follow through with all giveaways.

There is no limit to the number of participants on any blog tour etc. However, they will have a minimum amount of at least 7 stops on our basic tour. If you want more than that the price goes up.

I am always flexible with whatever the author or publisher is looking for. If you want something specific that isn't listed above let me know and we can work something out. Extra costs may apply with the duration of tours etc.

Custom banners are made for each tour. If you would like something specific please provide it to me. Prices for the banners are included with each price for blitzes, tours, etc.

Please provide all author links, purchase links, plot synopsis, author bio, covers, and more. Basically, anything that you would like included. 

I send all invoices through PayPal. All invoices will be sent before the event once agreed upon. PLEASE PAY WITHIN 48HRS OF RECEIVING! OTHERWISE, YOUR EVENT WILL BE CANCELLED.

I have a right to decline any event that I don't see fit for my blog or tour hosts. Let's not spread drama.

If you cancel an event last minute if you already paid me there is no way to get your money back. Please, keep this in mind. There is no way to get a full refund once you pay for a tour. (THIS IS FOR ALL MY WORK AND TIME). Once posts are live you cannot cancel if people have already signed up. If you cancel before the 48 HR period of paying you will owe me a $15 cancellation fee for work already done on your event.

We always promote books prior to and throughout the tour on all of my social media. 

your book will always be on my past tour page.

Giveaway Policy

Many events include a giveaway. I make rafflecopters for tours, but I am in no way responsible for the giveaway except for picking the winner through rafflecopter and providing the author or publisher with the e-mail and name of the winner or winners. Prizes are given away by the author or publisher, unless mentioned, and they are responsible for the giveaway.

  • No purchase or payment ever required to win.
  • must be 18 or older to enter the giveaways.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • content of the prize will be posted
  • duration of the giveaway is always mentioned
  • Giveaways are open international 
  • Tour hosts can enter giveaways.
  • Winner or winners will be chosen through rafflecopter. Winners will be notified by e-mail or social channels.
  • If I don’t receive a reply within 24 hours of winning a giveaway after announced... A new winner will be picked.
  • All entries will be double-checked for accuracy. 
  • giveaways will also help authors to gain more followers and exposure to the event.

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