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As of now, I only personally request books to review. Please understand. If you want to send me a physical copy you are more than welcome to. However, I cannot guarantee a review.

Book a tour, cover reveals, promotions or book blitz:

I am currently accepting all book tours, book blitzes, promotions, cover reveals on my blog for a good discounted $$. I am in contact with many other blogs and have a decent following on social media to promote your books at a good price. Message me for prices and we can work something out. I decided to start charing for promotions since I have gained a decent reader following and many authors have started to contact me about promoting their books. I work very hard on my blog and it's only fair to get compensated for my hard work. This way, I can continue to run my blog and have money to purchase books to review. But also have money for giveaways for my readers. I am working on raising enough money to buy my domain. This will help with that. Thank you.

The only genre's that I rarely read or don't like:

  • science fiction
  • anything math-related
  • sports
  • cars

Here are my stores where you can buy products online :)

Emily's Bargain Bin : Clothing, accessories, etc.
Acti-Labs : Skincare, makeup, weight loss, and more.
Paparazzi  : $5 Bling/Jewelry

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*Please note: If you sent me a book to review I am going through my submissions. I am very behind on reading right now and I don't always get to every book I accept. I often take on too much than I can handle. If I do review your book this does not mean I will give it a good review. Keep that in mind. If I am not enjoying it, I do DNF books that are sent to me. I do not always put my DNF books on my website with a review but they will be on my Goodreads. Do not take this personally. Due to the high volume of books, I am being sent weekly... I cannot guarantee the review will be up on this blog or my youtube channel. Or any specific time it will or will not be up. If you sent me an email and I didn't respond this just means I am not taking any review requests at this time or your book isn't in my taste of books. I literally have so many emails right now. There are a lot of books on my TBR shelf right now. I am a mood reader. Please understand. *

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